Client: Berocca / Supradyn (Bayer)
Agency: Mind+Matter
Creative Lead: Chris Packer
Producer: Olivia Wilson
My role: 2D / 3D animation, 3D modelling, Illustration, Editing, Sound Design
This large serial project delivered 6 episodes, with differing versions for Berocca and Supradyn, which were then translated into multiple languages. I worked on the project from episode 2 through to 6, working closely with lead creative Chris Packer to ensure his vision was consistently delivered for the episodes I was responsible for. 
The animation is a mixture of 3D and 2D character animation. EyeDesyn's 'Bendy Limbs' rig was used for the 3D characters in Cinema 4D, and a mixture of 'Limber' and 'Rubberhose' IK rigs were used in the main for the 2D characters in After Effects, along with 'Joysticks n Sliders'. 
The above video is just a small selection of the content from episodes 2 - 6. 
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