Here is a list of services that I provide. Typically, an animation project will include all of these services.
My main areas of expertise are 2D animation, 2.5D animation, 3D animation and stop motion animation. 
I predominantly use Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D for computer-based animation and Dragonframe for stop motion.
Illustration / Modelling
I mostly work with my own bespoke assets, and when these are not created natively in After Effects or Cinema 4D, I will use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Figma to produce original high-quality designs and illustrations for your project. These can usually be made available for other non-video projects for an additional fee. 
Assets created in After Effects rarely translate well into printed formats, so it's good to know whether any additional usage is going to be needed from the assets prior to production so that an appropriate work pipeline can be established to enable this.
Script writing / Storyboarding
I have over 12 years experience script writing and storyboarding for a wide variety of clients. However, I usually prefer the script writing process to be a collaboration with the client. 
My involvement in the audio side of things can include sourcing voiceover artists, music and sound effects, to editing audio into the final piece. I do the majority of my audio editing Adobe Audition CC and Apple Logic. Alternatively, I have a large network of sound professionals at hand to assist if needs be. 
I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editing. It is usually best to supply rushes on an external hard drive, which can be returned to you on completion.
 Rendering / Deliverables
Once your project is complete I will usually supply you with a high-resolution version (e.g. Quicktime .mov) and a version suitably compressed for online (e.g. h264 .mp4). However, I am able to render out pretty much any format and codec you could think of, as well as animated gifs and web-based video formats. 
I can create all sorts of animated content including the following:
Adverts  branded content  cinemagraphs  conference films data-driven video digital signage  e-learning videos event backdrops explainer videos html5 animations idents interactive internal communications motion graphics  music videos  onboarding videos  personalised video  rich-media adverts  social media  SVG animations  titles  training videos  Zoom virtual backgrounds
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