I've worked with Veg Power on several projects for them and their various sub brands including Simply Veg and Eat Them To Destroy Them. This has ranged from animating web banners, videos for social media and creating an animation toolkit for Veg Power. The toolkit included numerous bite-sized animations rendered with transparency that they could easily place in their edits for social media videos. The toolkit was comprised of 'emphasis' words, transitions and other custom animated objects. A 'Motion Graphics Template' lower third was created for use in Adobe Premiere, giving them the ability to edit the text, colours, size and so on. The other elements can be used in Premiere Rush too, meaning that even a novice editor can use them.
Simply Veg Banner:
Design: Laura Seymour
Animation: Richard Gladman
Veg Power animated text:
Design: Veg Power
Animation: Richard Gladman
Veg Power animation toolkit animated text:
Design & Animation: Richard Gladman
Eat Them To Destroy Them web banner:
Design: Veg Power
Animation / Illustration: Richard Gladman
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